MOGUL – bik čije je seme već prodato u milion doza

MOGUL Becomes Youngest Select Sires Millionaire

PLAIN CITY, Ohio, September 20, 2017—Select Sires proudly announces that 7HO11314 Mountfield SSI Dcy MOGUL-ET (EX-93-GM) has exceeded 1 million units in sales at seven years of age. This milestone marks the tenth sire in Select Sires’ history to reach this milestone following 7HO9222 SHOT, 7HO8081 PLANET, 7HO8165 MILLION, 7HO7466 MOSCOW, 7HO6417 O MAN, 7HO5708 BLITZ, 7HO4213 INTEGRITY, 7HO3707 MATHIE*CV and 7HO1236 MANDINGO.

Mountfield-SSI-Dcy-Mogul-ETBred by Mountfield Farms, Roger and Phil Marshfield, Marcellus, N.Y., MOGUL was purchased by Select Sires Inc., as an embryo and went through the Aggressive Reproductive Technologies™ (ART™) program. “Skeptics were quickly shown the value of genomic testing, and MOGUL was a serious example of the power genomics could give to us,” says Jeff Ziegler, genomics program manager at Select Sires.

“Never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined that MOGUL would be the No. 1 sire in the world one day,” says the Marshfield family! “Although, we did realize early on that MOGUL’S dam, Mountfield Marsh Maxine-ET (VG-88-EX-MS-DOM), was an extraordinary cow that had that rare ability to transmit her extreme genetics no matter what bull is used. Before the science was available to prove it, we knew that her bulls seemed to transmit higher genetic traits than her heifer offspring. It’s really not a surprise to us that MOGUL has sired so many hot genomic sons.”

Touted as ‘the total package,’ MOGUL debuted as the second highest ranking young sire in the breed in December 2011 with a genomic proof of +1,469M, +87F, +52P and +3.55T. Three years later, MOGUL appeared at the number one spot on the TPI® list. His first daughter-backed summary illustrated that he delivers the best combination of top Net Merit (NM$), Combined Fat and Protein (CFP), Cheese Merit (CM$) and Feet and Leg Composite (FLC) in the Select Sires lineup.

Today, MOGUL is known as a sire that has created customer success around the globe. “His ability to dominate a mating, regardless of the type of cow he is used on, has been shown by very few sires in Holstein history,” says Rick VerBeek, sire analyst for Select Sires. “He is referred to as the modern day 7HO58 ELEVATION because of that consistent dominance, and his sons and soon to be grandsons that are dominating genetic ranking lists around the globe.”

Criticized for siring ‘fat bred heifers,’ MOGUL’s daughters quickly turned heads, calving in with extraordinary udders and feet and legs, with great milking ability and reproductive performance that made them standouts in the herd. “Now, the number of extremely high-scored young MOGUL daughters in some of the very best genetic herds in the world show that his dominance will continue for some time,” states Ziegler.

With the August 2017 sire summary, MOGUL continues to transmit outstanding balance: +2504GTPI, +1,220M, +119CFP, +2.22T, +3.08UDC, +2.35FLC, and +4.1PL.

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